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Connect: An Invitation to a New Blog

Connect.  Live.  Love.

Hi there.
My name is Ellie and ever since I was able to read, I’ve wanted to be a writer.

Many reasons, I guess.

As I grew up, there were always things I found hard to explain. My emotions,
for one. They always felt so strong when compared to those of my peers.
Writing became a way for me to express them in a safe place, kept away from prying eyes.

Struggling to communicate my thoughts and feelings with others, even family members, led me to write for hours at a time about what was eating me up inside. Perhaps you can relate? Perhaps you journal, or jot down poems in the margins in your textbooks at school. I always did. Thank God for those margins.

welcome, ellie mitchell

Why create this blog?

If you’re wondering why I decided to create this blog, I have one simple answer
to give.

To share.

To share my vulnerabilities as a human being, to share my thoughts on the world around us, a world that far too often gets the better of us, knocking us down, sometimes to points where we struggle to get back up. To share my highs, my lows, my in-betweens, in the hope that someone, somewhere can relate, in the hopes that you, the reader, might find a kindred spirit, and that I may also find one with you.

Some personal details about me:

During my early twenties, I was finally diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, more widely recognized as being a part of the Autistic Spectrum. Perhaps this is why I sought out writing in the first place, to make sense of why I felt so different to those around me.

Now, at 26, I’m awaiting assessment for ADD (a part of the ADHD spectrum), otherwise known as Attention Deficit Disorder. Looking back, I can understand why I was always daydreaming in class, imagining outrageous scenarios in my head, which quickly became inspiration for my first short stories.

Do I hate being different? Surprisingly, no. It has made me who I am today and while there may be moments of pain and difficulty, there are also moments of great joy and inspiration that I’m not sure I would experience otherwise.

If you are also different to those around you, then please know that you’re not alone. There are many of us out here in the world. While we may not be close, in location or friendship, hopefully we can all find our own place to belong.

welcome, difference, ellie

What will this blog cover?

Over this blog’s life, I will be exploring several different things:

  • Human nature
  • Personal Life Experiences
  • Books I’ve Enjoyed
  • Writing

I hope that with each topic, we will be able to connect on some meaningful, universal level: that we’ll be able to form an understanding of each-other as people, perhaps even bond as friends.

What Do I Hope You’ll Take Away from This Blog?


In one word, connection.

In this time of online engagement, where our attention is constantly shifting,
I hope you’ll find a place where you can feel understood, even just a little bit.

I hope you’ll find a way to better connect with others and to feel the benefits of that connection in all areas of your life.

After all, life is all about connecting with each-other on an emotional level.
The best way we achieve this is through stories.

From one person to another, I invite you to connect.

connect, connection, welcome,life

Thank you for visiting my new blog.

If no-one has told you today, you matter. You have the potential to do great things.

Take care,
Ellie.  xoxo

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