Writing has been my greatest passion for as long as I can remember. It was my main way of communicating what I felt, a way to connect events to my feelings and subsequent reactions.

Before long, it became my safe haven, a place to explore my darkest fears and deepest desires. I began writing as much as I could, whenever I could, in the hopes of uncovering some small nugget of wisdom about our ever-changing world.

Although I love the Fantasy genre, Horror also has a special place in my heart. 

Sharing details of my work before it’s completed has always made me a bit anxious. Perhaps it’s the perfectionist in me but I worry about losing interest in a project and letting people down if I don’t deliver what I’ve promised.

Side note:
I’m currently being assessed for Adhd, so I’m beginning to understand where some of this worry is coming from.


I will be doing my best to update this page with sneak peeks every now and again, however I’m only working on short, introspective pieces at the moment as I’m struggling to focus for very long at all.

Fingers crossed that my Adhd assessment comes soon so I can start pro-actively addressing this issue.